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Have you ever been in the middle of an operation and had your dolly break, roll from under your equipment, or cause damage to you floor? This problem can be solved with better and more efficient equipment. has the best variety of moving skates and moving skate accessories. Take a look; it is only a site away.

Varieties of the moving skate are widely accessible and should be chosen based upon the weight of the load which it will be carrying, the amount of area available for maneuverability, and how the moving skate will be applied. A moving skate can be available with non-floor marking rollers.

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These rollers that do not mark the floor protect the floors surface as well as the lifespan of the floor. The moving skate can be sold alone or as a collection and consist of other moving skates.
A moving skate which is designed for smaller capacities tends to be smaller in size as well as have the steel chain designed rollers. This type of moving skate may be available in one of the following styles: swivel locking or rigid. The swivel locking moving skate locks every 45 degrees. The spring load locks that are built into this piece of equipment give it that capability, allowing the operator to have increased control over the moving skate. The rigid on the other hand, does not have as much directional maneuverability. The rigid moving skate can only move back and forth in a straight line. Steering handles and top plates can be applied to both styles.
A moving skate which is designed for larger capacities is greater in size, as opposed to the size of the smaller moving skate. The larger moving skate can have a capacity of up to half a million pounds. That is a huge amount! Applications that a moving skate can be used to do range from moving structures to advancing launching trusses. A moving skate with a large capacity, 100 to 500 tons, tends to be mounted permanently.
A heavy duty moving skate varies in top styles. They can have a flush top, narrow long top, and oversized top. The flush top is the same width as the moving skate. The long narrow top hangs over the back and front of the moving skate. Lastly, the oversized top hangs over the body sides.


Moving skates come in different types, sizes, and capacities:

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